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I have worked in a male-dominated world and within in a male-dominated model of medicine for most of my life. It took me some time to realise that there is another way of healing, another way of administering medicine.

I have a created a new kind of medicine, which I call the SheArt Way. SheArt is medicine for the body and the soul, the mind and the heart. It is about a return to wholeness, which is the original definition of health. SheArt is about the Art of Healing, or the Art of Wholeness. SheArt is the medicine of beauty and balance, of healing and restoration, bringing to life what is inherently right – a hidden wholeness– that is just under the surface of our greatest losses, sufferings and pain. To reveal this hidden wholeness, SheArt taps into natural laws, rhythms and cycles that have been pulsing for eons. This inherent perfection of creation has been there long before we were born, and will still be there, long after we are gone. We are not separate from it. We are part of it.

SheArt is a return to wisdom, which reveals itself through the magnificent design of the body and the mysteries of the soul. I do not believe that we can be truly healthy, if we ignore the essence of who we are. Your soul is like your fingerprint – unique to you. Only you can embody this, and when you conform or submit yourself to external authorities, it becomes very difficult to express the truth of who you are. Your soul’s blueprint is your truth, your beauty, your medicine in the deepest and most profound way. Like two DNA strands, your body and soul belong together.


The circle is a universal symbol associated with wholeness. When you choose to enter the SheArt Way, you enter a circle of healing, where there is no beginning and no end.

“Wherever you are is the entry point” Kabir

 It is not a linear process, but rather a cyclical, rhythmic process that triggers change on many levels. It is a multidimensional transformation. The magic happens all along the journey. The medicine is always contained in the journey. It is “bridging” time, which involves walking between two worlds: here, it is necessary to let go of the old story, while the new story is still being written, not completely known yet.

As a participant in this process, you become an active co-creator of your own well-being. You become stronger by harvesting and drawing on your wisdom and empowered with tools that can help you to restore a state of well-being or wholeness. It is a playful, creative and sacred journey back to wholeness – to what comes natural to you – to the real essence of your being.

But you need to wish this for yourself. You need to really, really, deeply desire it, as if it is the most important thing in your life. If there is nothing in your life you want to change, this journey is not for you. You need to have a burning desire, born from past experiences that might have wounded you and left you with deep scars, but with the awareness still knowing that there is still hope, and that there is another way of life that is waiting for you. It is not about superficial living in any way, but really about delving deep and drinking from the sweet nectar of real life.

The SheArt Way is for the woman who is tired to her bones of her life being defined by others or by a system that prescribes to her how to live and what to do or not to do. It is for the woman who desires something different in life: To stand in her own power, to live her own truth, and to make things happen for her that will bring her joy and fulfilment. And it is for the woman who believes that she has all the resources within her to make this happen.

The She Art process supports you with tools, insights, powerful a-ha moments through deep inquiry and through experiences that can re-store, and in the process, re-story your life. SheArt is a doorway to a new way of becoming and being. It is about creating health and the most alive version of yourself.


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